The W Network's MAXED OUT is looking for couples or families who feel financially overwhelmed. Whatever the situation, "financial investigator Alison Griffiths helps distressed couples and families take control, get on track and even save for their dreams."

The producers are looking for couples (between the ages of 30 - 45) and families living the Greater Toronto Area. Candidates must be outgoing and willing to be open with their money matters and stress. Some suggested shows themes are:
A Wedding Story - Do you need a financial plan to get you to your big day?
A Blended Family Story - Are you merging debt along with family and need a plan to deal with it?
A Retirement Story - Do you want to plan for your future but don't know where to begin?
A Starting over Story - Do you need a budget to adjust to a single income and a new life?
A Fertility Story - Are you recovering from fertility costs or planning ahead?
An Overindulging the Kids Story - Are you unable to say no to the apple of your eye and are in debt as a result?
Candidates chosen for the show will receive free advice from a financial expert and a financial incentive. To apply to be on MAXED OUT, email your story, photo and contact information to or call 416-421-9868.
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