Recaps of the individual episodes of a TV series are an internet-driven phenomenon that a large, growing, generally young segment of the TV audience uses to enhance television viewing. Recap sites like Television Without Pity (co-founded by Canadian Tara Ariano in 1999 and acquired by NBC Universal in 2007) are among the most popular destinations on the web. Oddly, for a country that is a world leader in high speed internet access, Canada lags behind other English speaking nations in terms of TV recap websites. But starting this fall, you and VPTV can do something about it.

What series would you like to have covered?

What series would you like to promote?

What series of yours would benefit from viral audience development?

We can’t pay you to start, but if the site attracts an audience large enough to interest advertisers, that will change.

Is facilitating audience involvement in Canadian television an element in your corporate mandate? If so, let’s talk.

We are not limiting the Canadian TV Recaps page to unscripted shows (though VPTV has a soft spot for them). We will, of course, recap the Canadian versions of international faves (Canadian Idol, Canada’s Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, Canada, etc.), but we want to cover the range of Canadian-made series that air on Canadian broadcast and cable networks in primetime (8-11pm, Mon.-Sat., 7-11, Sun.). To let us know what you are interested in, drop us a line at with CANADIAN TV RECAPS in the subject line.
Lyle Burwell,
President, VPTV